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Figure 1. Hills Poly-Print MIS homepage.

Project: Hills Poly-Print

Hills Poly-Print, Grantham, approached Agincourt when they were looking to update their management information system (MIS). The old system was an Access Database, shared between multiple computers. It was struggling to cope with the quantity of data and much of the data entry process was left to be performed in batches due to the severely lacking performance.

Agincourt’s solution was to put together a brand new web application that would allow the load to be taken away from the individual computers and placed on a scalable, redundant virtual private server environment, allowing for the database and resources to scale alongside the business’s throughput.

The application was built with the staff at Hills having access at all times, this allowed them to put the system through it’s paces and ensure everything works as they had envisioned.

An iPhone-specific web application was developed to make it easy to access the system from remote locations, and improve the ease of which stock management can take place – no need to carry around sheets of paper – just tap away on the iPhone and adjust the stock levels on the fly!

“Agincourt Technologies have been excellent at every stage in building our webb app. Right from the start everything was laid out in a very easy to understand manor and set out in several stages so that we could check the progress at any stage and also make any changes, if required, at the various stages of development.

We found Agincourt to be friendly and always available on the phone/email, they responded to all our questions quickly.

Agincourt had a great understanding of what we needed and what we would be able to achieve which is great as we had been working on an old access database from 1991, and had absolutely no idea what could be achieved. It is still early stages in using the webb app but already we think that we can save about 30hrs a week in admin!!

Fantastic job, Thankyou”

Richard Hills Managing Director

Key Technologies

Ubuntu Server


MySQL with InnoDB

Ruby on Rails

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