Screenshot of BiddingFarmer's homepage
Figure 1. Bidding Farmer homepage - complete with lightboxed HTML5 video player.

Project: BiddingFarmer

BiddingFarmer is a niche auction website, aimed at the farming community. Agincourt were contracted because of our expertise in developing large scale web applications and simplicity in the user experience was an important requirement.

“Agincourt were very helpful, holding our hand and guiding us through the various situations, giving good advice so that we ended up with a great looking site. The professional service we have received has made this new endeavour far easier than I could have expected.”

Hugo Marfleet Managing Director
Fig 2. Active countdown.
Fig 3. Different listing types.
Fig 4. Automated image resizing.
Fig 5. Bespoke statistics.

The system allows for different types of listings - auctions, classifieds and free listings (provided the item is not charged for) [see fig. 3]. As part of their first listing (or at any point), users can register for their own account, where all their listings, questions, feedback etc are contained.

We chose an ACID-compliant, transactional database engine (InnoDB / MySQL) to be implemented due to the consistency requirements with bidding often taking place rapidly towards the end of an auction. Background jobs and Cron Jobs handle various processing such as the completion of auctions and notification of the winning bidders.

Paypal handles the payments between users, with automated callbacks to the application to log received payments. Users also have the option to accept other methods of payment (cash, cheque etc), although they are not handled by the service and are the responsibility of the users themselves.

Key Technologies

Ubuntu Server


MySQL with InnoDB



Ruby on Rails

New Relic


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