Partners & Services

It would be unfeasible for Agincourt to develop and manage everything for most projects. Whenever an external service can be of benefit, whether it's to reduce costs or add additional value, we analyse their service rigorously. Here are but a few excellent companies & services we've used or integrated in previous projects:

Rackspace Logo
Rackspace offer the highest class of hosting, protected by their 100% uptime SLA.
Linode Logo
Linode offer reliable, incredibly cost-effective Virtual Private Servers (VPSs).
Postmark Logo
Postmark handles outbound email, ensuring your emails don't get filtered by anti-spam.
Pingdom Logo
Pingdom monitors servers from multiple locations around the world and notifies you of downtime.
New Relic Logo
New Relic monitors the performance of web applications helping to identify bottlenecks.
Defensio Logo
Defensio is a spam-filtering service which checks user-generated content for malicious use.
Hoptoad Logo
Hoptoad records any errors that occur, notifying developers so they can be fixed promptly.
Panda Logo
Panda accepts videos in a variety of formats, re-encodes them and returns them for use in your app.
Comodo Logo
Comodo provide affordable, warrenty-backed SSL certificates for your app.
Campaign Monitor Logo
Campaign Monitor delivers your periodical email newsletters, using a simple interface for configuration.
Beacon Logo
Beacon handles real-time messaging & notifications within your app.
Amazon Web Services Logo
AWS offer a variety of services including infinite file storage and queuing systems.
Typekit Logo
Typekit allows embedding of a variety of fonts within websites, beyond the 'web safe' few.

Services we use

These guys really deserve a pat on the back, without these, our life would be considerably more difficult.

Apple Logo
Apple computers cannot be beaten for web application development.
Dropbox Logo
Dropbox makes sharing files and collaboration a breeze.
Github Logo
Github stores our project files securely, every change is logged.
37Signals Basecamp Logo
Basecamp keeps our projects on-track.

All logos are copyright of their respective companies. Agincourt do not provide any warranty for the above products and services.