About Agincourt

Agincourt are a professional web application design & development studio.

We specialize in developing projects from an initial spark of an idea, through to fully-functional, thriving applications and successful websites.

Where businesses want to keep things simple by dealing with one company for their web project, yet require expertise throughout - Agincourt deliver. Our client-base spans the United Kingdom, but there is certainly nothing preventing us from handling projects further afield, should it be required.

Our Apps

It's important for web design companies to scratch their own itches and build their own sites/apps to experiment with and learn new techniques and technologies. Here are a few we've built:

InvolveApp provides a simple interface for your people to propose, discuss and rate ideas.
Minimise.it is a simple interface for the public to upload, resize and crop their images for use on websites.
LearnLog is a platform for teachers to record pupil information to build record of achievements.
SteadyPeg (beta) is a social network for the shooting community to track their scores and organise events.

More information about these web applications is available in our portfolio.

We're fans of the 'best tool for the job' mantra, so we often work with a variety of partners and services which increase the speed of development, reduce risk and offer additional value. Obviously, all projects are different, so we carefully analyse each situation and only use services that are appropriate and client preferences are taken into account where suitable.

Our Articles

You may have noticed around the site we have various articles relating to our services. Here's a full list for perusal at your leisure:

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Why the name 'Agincourt'?

“Our name is derived from the Battle of Agincourt, whereby the much smaller British army triumphed over the French through use of the superior longbow. This use of new technology to overcome problems is a very important aspect of our business.”

Richard Davies Managing Director