At Agincourt, we're a bit different from most IT agencies. Here's why…

We focus on crafting delightful experiences

The experiences people have with websites and software are key to its success. A considered user experience will lead to an increase in productivity, loyalty, sales and general happiness.

Our attention to detail

The web isn't purely about aesthetics, there are other important factors such as accessibility, performance, typography and reliability. We don't let anything pass without polish.

Excitement for your project

It's so exciting to see how web & mobile technologies can improve a business, even if it's not a particularly glamourous industry, the impact on customers and/or staff can be incredible.

Mobile development

Alongside our web services we offer mobile development. Whether it's just small adjustments to your website to make them more enjoyable to use on mobiles or a fully-blown, native iPhone app.

Design & User Experience

The quality of design is a key factor in user satisfaction. This means going beyond aesthetics; interfaces should be intuitive, clear and logical.

Web Development

We bring your ideas to life. By following an iterative, agile process, we can ensure you're satisfied with the results as we develop your dream application.

Mobile Development

There is immense potential for revenue and productivity gains through use of Apple's mobile devices. We build native mobile applications synced to web applications or standalone.

Got an idea for the next big thing? Contact us to get the ball rolling!